Mastodon: A Safe Place to Find Banned Journalists on Twitter.

Mastodon: A Safe Place to Find Banned Journalists on Twitter Journalists whose Twitter accounts have been banned have switched to the alternative social network Mastodon. Find out how to utilize it.

Mastodon: A Safe Place to Find Banned Journalists on Twitter

Twitter has been mired in controversy for most of the two months that Elon Musk has controlled the social media platform. Musk fired tens of thousands of workers, and launched a flawed blue-check verification system. And then shut down the jet tracking service he had promised he’d never shut down.

When some journalists who cover Elon Musk or have been critical of him were suspended from the website on December 15. Twitter came to a boiling point. Twitter restored some accounts, but two weeks later, other journalists.  who did not remove specific messages are still blocked from the site, and more have joined them.

Reporter Gil Duran of the San Francisco Chronicle said today that he has been prohibited from Twitter for more than ten days after posting a query about the other banned reporters: “Is it now forbidden to tweet about a banned account? What about tweeting about a Twitter account that was blocked for doing so?”

You may now only read the whole tales of a few of those journalists on Mastodon, who were previously on Twitter.

Which journalists and accounts did Twitter suspend?

Twitter terminated @elonjet, a bot account that tracked Elon Musk’s personal flights, on December 14. It is managed by Jack Sweeney, a student at the University of Central Florida. Whose personal account and other bot accounts were also suspended. In a now-famous tweet from November 6, Musk condemned Sweeney’s account but also promised not to shut it.

Twitter changed its private information

Twitter changed its private information and media policy on Wednesday to forbid “live location information, including information provided on Twitter direct or links to 3rd-party URL(s) of travel routes” as justification for suspending Sweeney’s accounts.

The official Mastodon Twitter account was shut down the following day, allegedly for posting a link to the Elonjet account on

Around 4:30 p.m. PT on December 15, a number of technology journalists discovered their Twitter accounts had been shut down. Links to the Elonjet account on Mastodon were provided on some accounts, but not all of them.

Musk tweeted, “Same doxxing rules apply to ‘journalists’ as to everyone else,” in response to the announcement of the bans. Other journalists who tweeted about Musk were suspended throughout the evening. When asked when the media should be let back on Twitter. Musk started posting Twitter polls, and the “Now” response topped both of them. After certain tweets were deleted, the Twitter accounts of some journalists—but not all—were restored. While some have been suspended for unknown reasons, others have refused to erase tweets.

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With varying degrees of participation, the majority of the prominent Twitter accounts were suspended. On Twitter have established accounts on the decentralized social media platform Mastodon. The following are links to their official Mastodon profiles:

Mastodon: A Safe Place to Find Banned Journalists on Twitter

Several other well-known Twitter accounts have moved to Mastodon, including Mastodon: A Safe Place to Find Banned Journalists on Twitter.

On Mastodon, how do I follow someone without signing up?

Almost all Mastodon servers permit anyone, irrespective of whether they have a Mastodon account. To view public posts on the network. You may easily navigate to any user’s profile and peruse their postings using your web browser.

The simplest way to track several Mastodon users centrally is to sign up.  For a Mastodon server and follow users just like you would on Twitter or any other social media platform (see more below). You can follow accounts using an RSS reader if you really don’t want to sign up for Mastodon.

Every Mastodon account immediately creates a followable RSS feed. For instance, you may view the RSS feed of all of my initial Mastodon postings at

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How can I sign up for Mastodon?

Mastodon is not a singular website, unlike Twitter: It is a distributed network made up of millions of websites that communicate with one another. You must register for a Mastodon account on a specific Mastodon server or “instance” in order to post on the platform. (which up until fairly recently was known as “tooting”) and follow other users. Mastodon: A Safe Place to Find Banned Journalists on Twitter.

You begin by joining one particular instance of the Mastodon social network before you can begin following users and submitting messages. Each server’s registration process (if it is available) is different, but most merely call for a username, email address, and password.

However, you are not confined to merely following users and posts on that server once you have joined a Mastodon instance. Any Mastodon account linked to the greater Fediverse can be followed, favorited, reblogged, or replied to.

How do I pick a server for Mastodon?

On its website, the Mastodon group offers a partial list of servers, consisting of roughly 100 servers. The servers can be filtered by geographic location language, topic registration requirements, and whether or not they are hosted by businesses or individuals. The Mastodon Server Covenant’s best practices will be adhered to by all servers on the official Mastodon website. mastodon live

Mastodon: A Safe Place to Find Banned Journalists on Twitter.

Consider using one of the authorized server instances managed by the Mastodon organization if you’re just experimenting with Mastodon. A second mastodon. The online server has been created to fill the void left by the original and largest, which has been overrun with new users.


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