Drake vs Proseries Tax Software Which is Best

A comparison of the Drake Tax and the ProSeries Tax

Are you looking for comparison between Drake vs Proseries Tax Software Which is Best. For small and medium-sized firms, Drake tax software is a complete tax software solution. Drake Documents, Drake Scheduler, Drake Tax Planner, and a host of other tools may be familiar to you if you currently use DrakeTax Software for your company.information technology software services in service tax

However, many tax professionals might not be aware of a few more aspects that could help them make the most of it. r&d tax credits software development

Here are some beneficial Drake software functions you may not be utilizing:


Drake vs Proseries Tax Software Which is Best

Check twice

You can use DoubleCheck in the Drake tax software’s advanced view to check off things. The things on the tax forms can be verified, flagged, and checked for future review. You can also add or remove notes from these items.

Red flag, yellow note, and green tick are the icons that are used in DoubleCheck. Green Tick means the field has been validated, Red Flag means it has been flagged for review, and Yellow Note means the field contains a note.Drake tax program. Drake software vs proseries

Links Back

You may find the information’s original source in the tax return thanks to the LinkBacks function. You may view the worksheets, schedules, and forms that the information passes through and quickly identify its source.

For instance, you can view the screens where the program draws the data from by opening the LinkBacks of line 5 and looking at where the data on line 5 of the 1040 was entered.


You can view previous year’s data on the current year’s screen using the software’s LookBack feature without opening both versions of the program. Almost all forms of this feature are available.

Finding the data from the prior year’s helps to correct and fix the inaccuracies in the data from the current year. Fields with data from last year are highlighted with F11, and that year’s data is highlighted with F12.


You may determine the loan amount for numerous loan scenarios using Drake’s function. You must input information in fields like the amortization period, annual interest rate, payment amount, payment frequency, loan amount, payment amount, payment type, and first payment date in order to calculate that. Even printing and saving the data for later viewing can be scheduled.

Imports D

You can arrange the direct import of loss transactions and capital gain data from an Excel sheet or any other spreadsheet to the Drake software with this function, eliminating the need for manual data entry. To schedule the import, the sheet needs to be saved as an Excel, TAB, or CSV file. The worksheet’s columns need to be in the same field as those on screen 8949.

Labels are printed

Drake vs Proseries Tax Software Which is Best

In Drake Tax Software, you may print a single client label or a collection of client labels using the Printing Labels feature. r&d tax credit software

There are many different kinds of labels, including mailing labels, folder labels with SSN/EIN, names, and tax years, among others. Make sure the label printer is installed correctly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions before printing the labels.


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Screen hidden

Some notes on the Federal NOTES Page are hidden by using the conceal screen option. Select the HIDE option in the Miscellaneous menu to conceal the note. Use a three-digit code to hide the note in the display mode so that only you and no one else can see the content.

Comparative Analysis

Users and their clients may immediately observe the effects of the new tax legislation on returns thanks to this feature of the Drake tax software. The effect of new tax laws on totals is compared in the side-by-side comparison table.

Authentication with many factors

The multi-factor authentication option in Drake tax software ensures the security of all the client’s sensitive data. System security uses numerous credentials to confirm identity during multi-factor authentication.

Digestive Reports

You can use this new functionality to learn the precise breakdown of any element. For instance, you can double-click on the trip aspect to obtain complete knowledge and select what to spend in the future if you want to know how much money is spent on travel.

Reports in Graphics

Alongside the raw data, this feature displays reports in graphical formats. This tool makes it simple to convey your clients’ financial condition to them. Additionally, these graphical reports allow you to compare the revenue from the prior year with the revenue from the current year.

Research Instrument

You can keep up with the most recent tax law changes with the help of this user-friendly application. The research tool allows you to add preferred websites, tax forms, and keywords to simplify your search.


Proseries Tax Software

Drake vs Proseries Tax Software Which is Best

It can be challenging to file tax returns and preserve all the documents without making mistakes when businesses or individuals are overburdened with tax preparation. This is particularly valid for individuals who opt to handle tax preparation and processing in the conventional manner. But given how far technology has taken us, we are certain that even the most challenging problems can be solved more simply. The same is true for tax preparation; all necessary tax preparation and processing tasks can be handled by Intuit’s ProSeries Software.

What is the Proseries Tax Software from Intuit?

The most widely used tax software for business solutions is Intuit’s ProSeries tax software, which is situated in the US. Intuit’s ProSeries tax preparation services are offered by Flatworld Solutions when the client’s needs are such that the program can accommodate them. When the client’s accounting systems can be run on QuickBooks, which is an accounting program made by Intuit, ProSeries is the best choice.

Because the ProSeries software from Intuit has features like quick data input, automatic calculations, and e-filing, it makes tax preparation much more efficient. These features help with the entire process of tax preparation and processing rather successfully.

Services for Preparing Taxes in Our ProSeries

Drake vs Proseries Tax Software Which is Best

The specialist ProSeries tax preparation services supplier Flatworld Solutions has been assisting both large and small businesses. As well as individuals by handling their tax preparation and processing requirements. We provide services to big businesses, partnerships, and private people, so there’s no need to spend time. Or money getting to know Intuit’s ProSeries tax preparation and processing software.

In accordance with federal tax legislation, we also offer offshore services that cover a wide range of nations. While strictly adhering to all federal and IRS tax requirements, we work with the utmost accuracy and offer tax preparation. Services that include documentation, form filling, and electronic filing. The ProSeries software from Intuit is perfect, effective, and precise.




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wraping up Drake vs Proseries Tax Software Which is Best

Many features in Wrapping Up Drake’s tax vs Proseries Tax Software Which is Best preparation software make filing taxes simpler and less stressful. Drake can also be hosted in the cloud, which adds benefits like remote accessibility, improved security, user collaboration, and many more.


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