Best most expensive e scooter 2023

Are You Looking For The Best most expensive e scooter in 2023 Electric scooters with the highest price tags in 2023

Best most expensive e-scooter 2023.

There is no rule that says more expensive is always better, but this is the case most of the time.

There is no doubt that electric scooters are the most popular when it comes to the market. It’s true that there are a lot of mid-price scooters available as well as budget scooters that are good, but the best scooters will always cost a bit more.

In the world of electric scooters, these are some of the most expensive models:

  • The Rion2 RE90 is priced at $6800.

  • The Dualtron X2 is available for $6490

  • The Dualtron Storm is priced at $5399

  • The Rion2 RE80 is priced at $5700.

  • A Rion2 RE60 is available for $4500.

  • The cost of the stator is $3995.

  • The Dualtron Ultra 2 is priced at $3990.

  • The Dualtron Thunder is priced at $3699.

  • The Techlife X9 is priced at $3550.

  • The Zero 11X is priced at $3499

  • The WePed GT costs $3499 and is available now

  • The Scrooser – $3233.00

Is there any electric scooter that is more expensive than others?

There is no doubt that the Rion2 RE90 Racing Edition is the most expensive electric scooter in the world. The cost of this item without shipping costs is $6800. The cost of shipping in the USA is $300, and the cost of shipping internationally is $600.

best most expensive e scooter 2023

Nevertheless, if you are among the biggest scooter fans or if you have a real need for a scooter with the highest quality, speed, and power, coupled with the greatest range, then this is definitely a purchase well worth making.

Here are a few of the best, most expensive electric scooters that are available on the market today. It is important to remember that the prices that are specified here may change occasionally and will depend on your location and the store you choose when you decide to make your purchase, but they should be a good indication of the actual price and the most up-to-date price at the time of your purchase.

Highest Quality

Nevertheless, if you are among the biggest scooter fans or if you have a real need for a scooter with the highest quality, speed, and power, coupled with the greatest range, then this is definitely a purchase well worth making.

Taking a look at today’s best, most expensive electric scooters, let’s see what makes them the best. The prices that are indicated here may change from time to time depending on your location and the store that you select, but they are likely to reflect the real and most up-to-date price that you can expect.

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2022 is going to be the year when electric scooters become more expensive than ever before

A list of all the electric scooters that cost more than $2000 will be included in this article. According to this list, we can learn a lot of interesting things, such as the fact that each of the best companies has several expensive models to offer to customers.

Listed below are all the most expensive electric scooters available on the market today.

The model of the electric scooter is as follows:

Price $
The Rion2 RE90 Racing Edition 6800
The Dualtron X2 6490
The Dualtron Ultra 2 3990
The Dualtron Thunder 3699
The Techlife X9 3550
The Zero 11X 3499
WePed GT 3499
The Scrooser 3233
The NanRobot RS11 3199
The NanRobot LS7 3199
Kaabo Wolf Warrior 3195
The Dualped Scorpion+ 3150
Dualtron 3 2960
The Currus NF 2799
The NanRobot RS7 2799
Dualped Scorpion 2650
Dualtron Compact 2649
Inokim OXO 2490
The Dualped Speed Demon 2450
Dualtron Spider 2450
The NanRobot RS6 2349
The FFR Mantis 2299
The Kaabo Mantis 2299
The Speedway 5 2100
Qiewa Q Power 2099
Techlife X7S 2000
The Ford Ojo 2000

The most expensive electric scooter

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

The most expensive electric scooter in the world in 2023 is Rion2 RE90 Racing Edition, priced at $6800! The delivery costs an extra $300 in the US, and $600 for the rest of the world, effectively making its price $7100/$7400 in total!

Best most expensive e scooter 2023

With a top speed of more than 160 km/h, the Rion is possibly the fastest electric scooter in the world. It can reach speeds of more than 160 km/h on the open road. Best most expensive e scooter 2023

In terms of the number of scooters manufactured by Rion, there are not many. They have a wide variety of scooter models that cost thousands of dollars, they are all individually handcrafted, and you have to wait 90 days from the moment you place your order until you get the scooter that you ordered. Best most expensive e scooter 2023.

There is no doubt in my mind that the price is justified because the product is of truly high quality, rigorously tested, and meticulously inspected.


Rion2 RE90 scooter is a racing scooter, so it doesn’t have the same range as some other long-range scooters, but it can still cover 96 kilometers on a single charge, so that explains why it doesn’t have as much power as some other long-range scooters. This is not a small sacrifice by any means, but it is one that manufacturers have had to make so that their scooters can be customized for speed.

There is a battery voltage of 96.6 V, but it has a charge capacity of 30 Ah, which means that as a total, the battery’s energy storage capacity is 2898 Wh, which is somewhat medium compared to other batteries. Due to this, the Rion does not have a very impressive range of a scooter compared to many other scooters that are more expensive.

Powerful Motor

There is still a need for a powerful motor in order to be able to provide great speeds during operation. Rion’s motor is something of an enigma, but it is likely to produce peak power north of 12,800 Watts (which was the power level of a previous model with a lower top speed, so it makes sense that a faster model would have higher power levels).

Rion2 has created a monster of a guitar with the RE90. As it was designed with racing in mind, speed demons throughout the world are head over heels in love with it due to its primary purpose. There is no reason why it shouldn’t also be the most expensive electric scooter in the world as well just because it is the fastest electric scooter ever made.

Top speed of the bike 100 mph
Range of the bike 60 miles
The battery of the bike 1680 Wh, 80 V
Charging time of the bike 5 h
Weight of the bike 59 lbs
Tire type of the bike pneumatic
The seat of the bike no
Trunk or basket of the bike no
Build material for the bike carbon fiber
Terrains of the bike racing
Keys to the bike yes


How can I get my hands on a Rion2 RE90? Where can I buy it?


As far as I’m aware, the only place where you can order a Rion2 RE90 scooter from beside the official Rion store is the official Rion website. There is an additional charge of $300 for shipping in the US. Best most expensive e scooter 2023

Throughout the world

As in the US, you will only be able to order the Rion2 RE90 from the Rion store if you live in Europe. You will, however, have to pay an additional $600 for shipping outside the United States.

Best most expensive e scooter 2023, Dualtron X2 is one of the world’s most expensive electric scooters and is the second most expensive in the world

Best most expensive e scooter 2023

There is no doubt that the Dualtron X2 is one of the world’s most expensive electric scooters. In comparison to the world’s most expensive scooter, the scooter costs about $800-$900 less than it does in the US.

My opinion is that despite the fact that this scooter is the second most expensive in the world, it is the best scooter in the history of the world.

It is interesting to note that they are the only two electric scooters that cost more than $5000, and there is a huge gap between $4000-$5000 where there are no scooters at all.


In terms of range per single charge, the Dualtron X2 is the world’s number one vehicle, able to provide a range ranging from 93 to 124 miles / 150 to 200 kilometers on a single charge.

As well as being one of the fastest electric scooters on the market, it is one of the three fastest models (maximum speed is hard to measure precisely), depending on how you measure it. It is known to us for certain that it is capable of going over 65 mph / 105 kph at a breakneck speed!

In addition to these records, this scooter has also set many other records around the world.

Powerful Motor

It’s important to mention that you will also be able to own the most powerful motor that is installed in an electric scooter today, which is a dual brushless DC motor with an output power of over 8300 Watts. Currently, there is only one other electric scooter that has the kind of power that this scooter has, all the others have half the power or less than half the power.

In addition, you will also get one of the largest, meanest, and most powerful batteries in an electric scooter, which has an unmatched energy storage capacity of 3078 Watt-hours, making it one of the most powerful scooters on the market.

The NanRobot LS7 Best most expensive e scooter 2023

Best most expensive e scooter 2023

When it comes to electric scooters, NanRobot is probably one of my personal favorites when it comes to brands. In my opinion, there is simply no competition when it comes to their craftsmanship.

For $3199, you are going to be able to buy NanRobot LS7, their best scooter, and you are going to get incredible performance for such an inexpensive price.

With a range of 62 miles / 100 kilometers on a single charge, along with a maximum speed of 85 kph, the NanRobot LS7 is firmly placed in the category of scooters so powerful that you will likely never need to push them beyond their limits.


There is no doubt that the LS7 is a true tank, with a motor power of 3600 Watts and a battery capacity of 2100 Watt-hours, but that’s not the best thing about the vehicle. In my opinion, it represents the pinnacle of high-end, high-quality, brilliantly produced transportation vehicles in the world today.

As far as I am concerned, if my budget were around $3000, I would definitely choose the NanRobot LS7 as my best option.

The Dualped Scorpion+

I think Dualped is one of the best companies out there. There are a number of companies based in Canada that manufacture some of the best electric scooters in the world in small numbers.

There is no doubt that Dualped Scorpion+, their fastest and best model, holds the world record for the fastest electric scooter, going 65 mph / 104 km on a flat surface.

Electric scooter by Emove Cruiser

Best most expensive e scooter 2023

It is important to understand that not all scooters are created equal. It is abundantly clear that this is the case with the Emove Cruiser. During one of my first rides on this e-scooter, I kept looking at the battery indicator as I waited for it to move; it continued to sit stationary for miles and miles. As I am heavy on the throttle as well, I have learned over the years that if I want to make it back home, I have to ease off of it if I want to stay on the road. In contrast to that, the Emove electric scooter is still able to move even when the rider is putting a lot of weight on it.

There is a limit to how many times these batteries can be recharged before the performance of these batteries is no longer at the level it used to be. Thus, if you charge your device as little as possible, the e-scooter battery will last longer and perform at its best for as long as possible. Even though that is more than enough to qualify a scooter to make the list, there is a lot more to it than that.

The Swagtron Swagger 5 Boost Best and most expensive e scooter 2023

Best most expensive e scooter 2023


Our list of best scooters consists of only five scooters, the Swagger 5 Boost is one of the best. It replaces its predecessor, the Swagger 5 Elite, with the Swagger 5 Boost.

There is an increase in power – going from 250 watts to 300 watts – while the price remains competitive.


Boost is one of the lightest electric scooters on the market, weighing just 26 pounds itself, but designed to support riders weighing up to 320 pounds. This makes it perfect for walk-up apartments and getting on and off mass transit smoothly. With a single locking latch, it is easy to fold and unfold the bag. It is estimated that this bike can travel 12 miles at a speed of 12 miles per hour; expect this number to vary depending on the rider’s size, speed, wind direction, and terrain. Having said that, it takes just under four hours for the battery to charge, so it can be used for last-mile commutes or riding to classes.

All New E-Twow GT SE

Best most expensive e scooter 2023

In many cases, electric scooters force their riders to compromise in order to achieve their goals. There is often a trade-off between a lightweight scooter and a smaller battery that is going to result in slower speeds and shorter travel distances. As well as that, it takes a minimum of five or six hours for it to be recharged, so it makes it hard to use it continuously over a long period of time.

This scooter, the E-Twow GT SE, can handle up to 25 mph and has a top speed of 29 pounds; yet it is so efficient it can charge its battery up to 80% in 2.5 hours. Powered by a 700-watt motor powered by a Samsung 504Wh battery, the scooter will support riders weighing as much as 220 pounds. A range of approximately 15 miles was achieved during the testing of the battery during which it was able to travel. Compared to the 23-mile claim made by the company, it is not far off. Depending on the rider’s size, the style of riding, the hill condition, as well as the wind conditions, the travel distances will vary.

The Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter Best most expensive e scooter 2023

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned rider, the Apollo Ghost scooter is a great choice for everyone. Beginners have the option of using only one motor instead of both for smoother, softer acceleration with dual 800-watt motors. The second motor, which delivers 1,600 watts of power and more aggressive performance, may be used once you have gotten used to it.

Smaller Size

Its slightly smaller size and its pneumatic tires of 10 inches give the Ghost a sense of being quick and nimble. This scooter is also equipped with a spring suspension, so it can ride smoothly even on bumpy surfaces despite the fact that it has a front and rear suspension. This scooter stands out to me as one of the few motorcycles I’ve ever tested that was both fast and chic, which is why it was one of the few motorcycles I’ve been able to test. Also, the deck was long enough for my 7-year-old daughter and me to walk around together on errands when we were on the deck. Best most expensive e scooter 2023

Eco mode

It can support riders weighing up to 300 pounds and has a top speed of 34 mph, making it ideal for riders who want to go fast. In addition to three different gear modes, there is also an Eco mode that you can use. With a full charge, the Ghost can run for up to 39 miles, depending on the size, terrain, and setting preference of the rider. As a result of switching from a single to a dual-motor mode, I was able to get around 20+ miles of mileage.

In order to fully charge the scooter’s battery of 52 volts, 18.2 amps. The charger takes about eight to ten hours to complete. A single fast charger can be used to cut down on the charge time. Or two standard chargers can be used to cut down on the charge time. There are two charging ports built into the scooter itself. Best most expensive e scooter 2023

Frequently asked questions

Our electric scooter FAQ section is updated regularly. And below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding electric scooters.

What is the speed of an electric scooter?

Most of these scooters are what we would call “last-mile” scooters — they are meant for short trips and are rarely equipped with suspension. Their decks and wheels are smaller and, depending on the model that you choose, they will go from 15 mph to 25 mph. Some of the larger scooters have larger wheels, bigger batteries, and shocks. That is capable of going faster than 40 miles per hour.

In order to ride an electric scooter, do I need a driver’s license?

The answer to that question is no, but please note that that only applies to electric scooters, not mopeds. In most states, if your vehicle has a VIN number, you need to register it. And you’re required to have a driver’s license (depending on where you live). There is no restriction on the use of electric scooters on bike paths. However, they must not exceed the local speed limit. New York, for example, has a speed limit of 15 mph, which is considered to be quite fast. Best most expensive e scooter 2023

Can you tell me why I should buy an electric scooter rather than an electric bike?

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As a result, scooters can be easily stored and are easier to take on buses and trains than bikes. Most last-mile scooters are around 26 to 40 pounds in weight and a collapsible handle. They are lightweight and very easy to transport around. As an example, in many establishments here in NYC, you are allowed to bring a scooter inside. But you are not permitted to bring a bicycle inside.

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