Best Apex Legends

Best Apex Legends: Ultimate Legend Tier List for Apex Legends Season 15’s top legends to use.

Who among the several characters in Apex Legends is the finest Legend? Here is the whole Apex Legends tier list in case you’re unsure who to choose or want to try someone new. There are now a total of 22.

Keep in mind that any Legend can become powerful with enough practice, and even ‘lower-tier’ characters can shine with the correct equipment. However, this is our overall list of the Legends you should have on your team at all times.

Tier List for Apex Legends

Before we break down our picks, here’s our complete tier list at a glance.

Tier Legends
In S Tier Bloodhound, Valkyrie, Seer, Horizon
In A Tier Ash, Caustic, Wraith, Lifeline, Octane, Loba, Gibraltar, Catalyst
In B Tier Wattson, Vantage, Bangalore, Maggie, Newcastle, Pathfinder, Revenant, Fuse, Mirage
In C Tier Rampart, Crypto


Which Apex Legends character is the best?


1 Bloodhound

For the majority of gamers, Bloodhound continues to be the finest Legend in Apex Legends. This is because of the priceless knowledge they give to their team using their robust and user-friendly gear.

Although they have no damaging skills, Bloodhounds are superior at tracking, thus if you don’t have one in your squad, you’re at a disadvantage.

Despite being at the top of the heap, Bloodhound hasn’t undergone any significant changes in a few seasons, and they still play well balanced. When it comes to assembling teams and spying on adversaries, they are still as formidable as ever.

The centerpiece of Bloodhound’s arsenal is its scan, which enables not only you to see adversaries in the area highlighted through barriers, but also your teammates. The sole disadvantage of the scan is that adversaries will be aware that they have been scanned and will consequently know you are around, but it still works in your favor.

The Ultimate ability, Beast of the Hunt, temporarily transforms Bloodhound into a death machine by marking adversaries in red to indicate a threat and allowing him to perceive ground-based enemy movement. The passive, which displays recent enemy movements, helps with this.

2 Valkyrie

Valkyrie is still a very good choice despite some significant nerfs in Season 14, and they aren’t significant enough to push her out of the S Tier just yet.

Skyward Dive, her Ultimate Ability, allows you and your teammates to leap into the air and redeploy. As you are in the air, teammates who are in your line of sight will also be illuminated.

One of the major drawbacks of Valkyrie’s main passive—the jetpacks—is that they are extremely loud, which makes it difficult for her to reach practically any location on the map and quickly gain high ground. Additionally, using the jetpack prevents you from firing any weapons, leaving you defenseless. The tactical launches a barrage of tiny rockets that deliver little damage but paralyze opponents, enabling clean-up killing of them simply.

Whether you’re playing single or as a tactical trio, Valkyrie is definitely an S-Tier Legend because of her quick rotation with the entire squad and her ease in gaining high ground in any circumstance.

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3 Seer

Due to all three of the Season 10 Legend’s abilities having incredible power for tracking enemies and being a nuisance to them in a fight, he shot into an S-Tier position right away at the start of the season. But some much-needed nerfs significantly reduced his initial power.

Seer’s tactical ability allows him to scan, interrupt abilities, interrupt healing, interrupt revives, show enemy health bars, and track for 8 seconds in addition to using a heartbeat sensor to show you where enemies are. Although it no longer deals damage, that level of power was unnecessary.

Additionally, any foes inside a very large dome will be tracked by Seer’s ultimate, providing they are running or firing (which is most of the time).

If you’re a Bloodhound main, you might want to check out some Seer also since Seer has now established itself as a legitimate challenger to Bloodhound’s throne as the finest “scan” and recon legend. However, nerfs are anticipated in the future, so he could leave the top tier.

4 Horizon

Since her debut in Season 7, Horizon has established herself as one of the most prominent Legends. But by the time Season 9 rolled around, her hegemony in the metagame had become unsustainable, necessitating nerfs.

Her Gravity Lift was targeted since it was far too simple for players to instantly gain the upper hand and descend upon adversaries. Players will now strafe on the lift considerably more slowly, making you a much easier target. You cannot sit on the top gazing down since you will be ejected after 2 seconds.

Thankfully, starting Season 10, players on Horizon’s lift are considerably more mobile, increasing her viability.

Still one of the best characters in the game, Horizon is also a favorite of more experienced gamers. Horizon enters the S tier if you can become familiar with her skills and know when to employ them.


1 Gibraltar

Support characters are the foundation of your team, and Gibraltar has taken on a new position within teams as a result of the numerous improvements that the game’s creators have bestowed upon him. Gibby has become a need in high-level rated games, despite not being as frequently employed in lower-level games.

The Dome Shield may save not only you but the entire squad, and his ultimate ability has the potential damage to zone the opponent away. There is nothing prohibiting your adversaries from employing it, so you must be on the lookout for them.

The gun shield has been slightly weakened because damage now passes through to Gibby, but it’s still quite useful to have when facing opponents for the first time.

Although Gibraltar is one of the better characters overall, he is nonetheless a large, intimidating figure that is difficult to ignore. Undoubtedly, some players will benefit from having a character with greater agility. That being said, he is a valuable addition to any team.

2 Ash

The first pilot to participate in the Apex games is Ash, the Season 11 Legend (no, Valkyrie is not a pilot). And it becomes immediately obvious that Ash will be a popular choice with her gear when it launches. Her ultimate is comparable to Wraith’s, with the exception that it only has one direction and a smaller maximum range. However, it may be used considerably more quickly, and the cooldown is also significantly shorter.

But Ash’s passiveness might be her best quality. Her data knife gives her rapid access to spots on the enemy team, which is more recon intel than other recon legends receive (looking at you, Crypto).

Arc Snare, her tactical, is undoubtedly the weakest component of her arsenal, but that doesn’t make it bad. Even so, it’s a powerful tool that can aid you in close-quarters combat or make your adversary more amenable to pressure. Oh, and with Ash, you also receive a super nice ronin sword.

3 Caustic

Caustic has yo-yoed up and down our list of tiers. Caustic has re-entered the metagame at the highest level of Apex after receiving buffs, nerfs, then buffs again.

Respawn added the ability to destroy his traps even after they have been set off in Season 12, although at 150 HP per barrel, it’s not as significant of a nerf as you might assume. In fact, it might even be a benefit because attackers frequently shoot at the barrel or simply flee when they see it.

With his Gas now being far more hazardous, Caustic is highly effective in a coordinated team composition, and having an experienced Caustic player on your team can mean the difference between winning and losing.

4 Wraith

Wraith has unquestionably been one of the top Legends in each season since the debut of Apex Legends. This is mostly a result of her capacity to destabilize the battlefield with her skills. She continues to be a popular choice for Legends across all ability levels.

Wraith is still at the top of the Apex realm and got even better in Season 9 with the elimination of Low Profile. She will no longer sustain 5% additional bullet damage as a result.

5 Lifeline

A Lifeline can literally save your life because of her exceptional helping skills. Her res shield, however, was taken away in Season 9, which means that teammates are now exposed when being resurrected by the Drone.

Nevertheless, Lifeline may still restore two people at once while she is still engaged in combat. Her drone’s healing rate has also increased to 8 HP per second.

In Season 9, Lifeline’s Ultimate underwent a significant improvement because it now ensures that your equipment will receive an upgrade. Lifeline is still one of the finest characters to have on your squad because having the possibility to obtain a Legendary or Epic piece of equipment often determines the outcome of Apex matches.

6 Octane

One of the most entertaining Legends to play is the swift trickster Octane. He’s fun to play because he can move really quickly with his stim, fly over foes with the jump pad, and heal while moving.

However, as opposed to the previous 12HP, his stims now cause 20HP damage to you. So you need to be a little more cautious. You can practically immediately spam the stim again because the cooldown has been decreased as well, but doing so will quickly lower your health to very low levels.

One of the strongest movement options in Apex is the jump pad, which the entire squad can use as well as foes.

While his skills won’t help you win many gunfights and he isn’t as good as the S-tier heroes, Octane is the Legend for you if speed is your first priority.

Best Apex Legends players to start with

While Apex Legends features a large number of extremely powerful legends, some are trickier to master than others. For instance, even though Valkyrie is considered an S-tier legend, it may take longer time playing Apex to learn the optimum times to deploy her abilities for your team.

In light of that, the following are the top Apex Legends characters for novice players:

  • Bloodhound
  • Lifeline
  • Octane
  • Loba
  • Wraith

Although there are many characters in Apex Legends that inexperienced players can employ to their advantage. And all of these characters have powerful yet manageably difficult skills that you can’t really go wrong with. Loba, Wraith, and Octane are all ideal choices if you need to flee quickly. Because they’ll let you reset before returning to the battle.



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